What are appropriate ways to discipline the children in my care?

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Mar 3, 2017 12:30:00 PM


Child care providers often wonder about proper discipline techniques for the children that they care for.  Care Courses offers several courses dealing with that very topic.   

Our course, Discipline in Child Care, provides lots of useful information for implementing appropriate positive guidance techniques in your program. 

As all child care providers know, there comes a time when you’re at your wits end with some of the children in your care.  However, when it comes to dealing with the sometimes challenging behaviors of children, you must choose methods that are constructive, provide guidance, and are supportive to children’s emotional growth and wellbeing. 

Often, when talking about “discipline,” the first thing that comes to mind is “punishment.”  Punishment may stop undesired behavior in the moment, but it has very negative long-term effects.  Punishment hurts the development of self-esteem rather than building it.  Rather than punish, use positive guidance techniques. 

Positive guidance shows respect for the child and helps them learn to manage their own behavior.  When used appropriately it will teach the children that they did something wrong while guiding them to make the right decisions next time.  This is all done while treating the child as a responsible person and building their self-esteem.

This means you should never use:

  • Physical punishment (spanking, shaking, slapping, etc.)
  • Verbal abuse (Shouting, profanity, name-calling, etc.)
  • Forcing a child to eat or drink against their will
  • Isolation/”Time Out”

Treat the children with respect and explain what they have done wrong and why it’s wrong using a firm, yet friendly voice. Assist them in expressing themselves and help them think about solutions to the problem at hand.

Remember that the stronger a child’s motivation is to “be good,” the more effort the child will exert in this direction.

In our course, Discipline in Child Care, we discuss different and effective guidance techniques for young children. 

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