How do I use an EIP Award to Pay for Care Courses Training

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May 31, 2017 9:17:26 AM

If you are a New York child care provider and would like to use an Educational Incentive Program (EIP) award to pay for Care Courses, you’re in luck!  Care Courses accepts SUNY EIP awards to pay for New York child care training.



Most Care Courses are approved for New York State's continuing education training requirements.  Visit our blog about earning 30 hours in 9 training topics using Care Courses.

In order to use the SUNY EIP award to pay for NY child care training with Care Courses, you must first apply for the award.  For more information about applying for the award, contact SUNY by phone (1-800-295-9616) or visit their website.

Once you’ve applied, there are two ways you can use the EIP award to pay for child care training with Care Courses either when placing the order initially or for reimbursement after you’ve ordered.

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How can I place my Care Courses order using my SUNY EIP award?

If you want to order NY child care training with Care Courses using your EIP award, you have to receive your EIP award first.  Once you’ve applied for and are granted the EIP award, you can place your order.  How?  Following these simple steps:

  1. Sign the EIP award sent to you by SUNY.
  2. Fill out a Care Courses Order Form with your info, along with the order info that you gave to SUNY when you applied for the award.
  3. Mail both to Care Courses at P.O. Box 10526 Mclean, VA 22102 – we must receive the signed, original EIP award that SUNY sent to you.
  4. Once we receive your EIP award, we will process the order for your course(s) and either send you the coursebooks or the codes for the online courses (whichever format you indicated on your Care Courses Order Form).

I need to place my order now but I still want to apply for the EIP award to pay for the Care Courses training, how can I receive reimbursement?

If you’ve already placed an order or need to place an order ASAP and still want to use the EIP award for reimbursement, Care Courses can help! 

Once you’ve applied for and are granted the EIP award:

  1. Sign the EIP award sent to you by SUNY.
  2. Write a note indicating that you are submitting the EIP award to Care Courses for reimbursement. Include the Care Courses order number for the courses that you received the EIP award for.
  3. Mail that original, signed EIP award along with the note to Care Courses at P.O. Box 10526 Mclean, VA 22102.
  4. Once we receive the EIP award and your note, Care Courses will process a refund for the order.

Please let us know how we can be of additional assistance! Call us: 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings, and weekends: We’re here to help!

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