How can I meet Maryland childcare training requirements?

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Apr 1, 2016 10:40:00 AM



Do you care for children in Maryland and need Core of Knowledge training hours? Well, you have come to the right place! Care Courses is an approved Maryland training provider. Whether you want hours for annual training, need courses for your Maryland Child Care Credential, want to pursue or renew your CDA, or want to satisfy other specific state childcare training requirements, Care Courses may be able to help!

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Almost all our 70+ Care Courses can be used towards annual training requirements in Maryland. Our courses cover a variety of topics so you can pick a course that interests you. If you are looking for training to cover a Core of Knowledge Area, be sure to check out our fantastic Core of Knowledge course description pages and handy printable chart. With the help of these pages and chart you won’t need to guess what Core Area your course covers.

We often receive calls and emails asking if we are accepted for Maryland’s Child Care Credential – and to answer that question, yes we are! Care Courses is an approved trainer for levels 2-4 of the Maryland Child Care Credential.

Interested in getting your CDA in Maryland? Check out our new CDA-101 Tutorial that explains all the ins and outs of the CDA process. And yes! You can use Care Courses to both get and renew your CDA.

Now let’s talk about state specific Family Home and Center training that Maryland requires of you. Care Courses offers training to help satisfy Maryland requirements for both licensed daycare centers and family homes.

  • For family home child care providers we offer the 24-Hour Pre-Service Training, 45-Hour Infant/Toddler Training, and the Maryland Family Child Care First Year Training.
  • If you work in a center we offer the 9-Hour Communication Training and the 45-Hour Maryland Child Care Center Director’s Initial/ Pre-Service Training.
  • We also offer the Pre-Service Orientation Course for Teacher Aides.

For more details on these special requirements, please visit our Maryland childcare training page.

Looking to fulfill your SIDs and Shaken Baby Syndrome requirement? Look no further – our course Infant Safety satisfies that requirement!

Do you have questions about your training, requirements, CDA, or where you should go from here? We here at Care Courses are very friendly and we love helping our Maryland neighbors!

Please let us know how we can be of additional assistance! Call us: 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings and weekends: We’re here to help!

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Care Courses has been providing distance learning courses for early childhood professionals since 1990. Our courses are delivered to you either via US Mail or on your computer, and can be used for the CDA and many state training requirements. We offer over 60 excellent, convenient courses in a wide variety of interesting, helpful topics, and our courses have no time limits. Do them wherever and whenever you wish. Visit our website to access our course listings.

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