Where can I get Oklahoma professional development for child care?

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Apr 29, 2014 9:26:00 AM


Hello again! Today’s post is dedicated to our friends in Oklahoma.

All of the courses that we offer are accepted by your Department of Human Services for annual continuing education requirements.

Do you need Tier II approved training? We’ve got you covered – take a look at this great list of our courses you can pick from :). The Event # for the course will print directly on your certificate of completion. No need to go searching for it!

If you’ve registered with CECPD’s Oklahoma Professional Development Registry and would like your successfully completed course entered into that registry, simply fill out one of the Registry Inserts that came with your CourseBook(s). If you did an online course, you can provide the pertinent information by email – just write to us at info@CareCourses.com – and let us take care of the rest.

For your convenience, here is a printable form you can use for this purpose.

We can also assist those of you who are interested in obtaining a Bronze level Director’s credential! CECPD will require you to either

  • complete 90 clock hours of training with a minimum of 10 hours in the 7 Core Knowledge Areas or
  • have a Recognized Early Childhood Education/Development Credential or Certificate, such as the National CDA.

In addition, you will need either

  • 40 clock hours of training with a minimum of 10 hours in any 3 Management Core Knowledge Areas or
  • a Recognized Administrative/Management Credential or Certificate, such as a NAC.

Visit our special dedicated Oklahoma training page to find the child development and management course bundles that we’ve put together for this requirement.

Whatever professional goals you have in the childcare field, we are here to provide a helping hand along the way – even if we may not have an answer to your question at the moment, we will work our hardest to get you accurate information as quickly as possible.

Please let us know how we can be of additional assistance! Call us: 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings and weekends: info@CareCourses.com. We’re here to help!

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