How do Care Courses’ CourseBooks work?

We call our courses in book format “CourseBooks.” CourseBooks are about the size of a magazine and have a glossy cover with a full-color photo on the front.

Infants in Child Care

How CourseBooks work

— CourseBooks are shipped to you by the US Postal Service. If you choose our free Standard Shipping for US and Canada, there’s no charge, and your books will get to you in 5-10 (15 for Canada) business days. If you need your books to arrive faster, use one of our other shipping options listed here.

— We recommend that you read through each lesson twice before you do the Quiz at the end of each lesson. When you’ve answered all the questions for each lesson, fill out the Answer Sheet at the end of the book with your answers and send it to us either by mail or fax. Be sure to include your Enrollment Code on your Answer Sheet; for more information about Enrollment Codes, read this post.

— You also have the option of taking your CourseBook quizzes online – a great option if you need to get your certificate back fast in order to meet a deadline. Log in to your student account at and activate your Enrollment Code to take your CourseBook quizzes online.

— You must score 70% or higher on each lesson in order to pass the course. When you successfully complete all lessons we will send your certificate to you by regular US Mail. If you score lower than 70% in any of the lessons we will send your graded Answer Sheet back to you as a “redo” to give you a second and final chance to correct your answers.

Why order a CourseBook?

Many of our students prefer CourseBooks because they like having something they can carry with them, highlight, and refer to later. 

To order a CourseBook or learn more, call us at 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings and weekends: We’re happy to help!

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