Fun Activities for Toddlers

When caring for toddlers, many wonder what types of activities are not only appropriate but engaging for the children in their care. At Care Courses we have many courses specifically about caring for toddlers and the various activities to cater to their specific developmental needs. Today we are going to focus on some ideas fromContinue reading “Fun Activities for Toddlers”

Tips for Improved Hand Washing

Everyone needs to wash their hands, especially caregivers who come in contact with children and the children themselves. Since we cannot avoid exposure to germs, we must do our best to prevent spreading diseases by washing our hands often and correctly. Our Care Course Sanitation for Disease Prevention in Early Childhood Programs is written for all typesContinue reading “Tips for Improved Hand Washing”

10 Ways to Deal with Biting in Child Care

Child care providers often wonder how to deal with children who bite one another. At Care Courses, we understand that biting can be a challenging subject in all different child care settings. We offer Biting Hurts, a training course that covers the reasons why young children bite, strategies to prevent biting, appropriate ways to intervene inContinue reading “10 Ways to Deal with Biting in Child Care”

How can I help children handle a change in routine?

Changes in the daily routine are inevitable. As adults, we’re prepared for changes in our routines and are able to navigate them relatively smoothly. Despite accepting that these things do happen, it can still cause anxiety or frustration as we try to adjust. For children, even the slightest change to their daily routine can haveContinue reading “How can I help children handle a change in routine?”

Why is fitness important for young children?

Caregivers often wonder why fitness is so important in a child’s development. At Care Courses, we offer several courses having to do with the subject. This blog will look at a few concepts from our course, Fun and Fitness: Addressing Childhood Obesity. The increased rate of childhood obesity in recent years has been found to haveContinue reading “Why is fitness important for young children?”

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

If you need a fun and engaging activity to do with the whole group of children in your care, try this suggestion from one of our students! I love to do ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It.’  This works great inside and outdoors.  Keep in mind though that the different activities you do withContinue reading “If You’re Happy and You Know It…”

When is a child ready to learn how to use the potty?

Toilet learning is an important milestone in a child’s life, but a child’s transition out of diapers can be a stressful time for parents and childcare providers. And if handled improperly, this transition period can be damaging to the child. As childcare providers, it’s important to work with parents to provide a supportive environment inContinue reading “When is a child ready to learn how to use the potty?”

How can I help children treat each other fairly?

Children are always learning and observing from the world around them. This includes everything from the way you react to their mistakes to stereotypes in our society. It is your role as a childcare provider to notice children’s stereotypical attitudes, the stereotypical comments they make, and their actions that stem from these attitudes. By helpingContinue reading “How can I help children treat each other fairly?”

Does my Care Course have an expiration date?

Care Courses is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information based on new research findings, licensing regulations, and safety protocols. As a caregiver, you need to be equipped with current knowledge and use best practices when working with young children. That’s why we are constantly updating our courses and why we now haveContinue reading “Does my Care Course have an expiration date?”