How can I support young children’s social-emotional development?

Many childcare providers often wonder how they can best support how young children feel about themselves, how they understand, manage, and express their emotions, how they relate and interact with other people, and how they react to social situations. These relationships and emotions fall within the domain of social-emotional development. As a caregiver, you haveContinue reading “How can I support young children’s social-emotional development?”

How do I become Infant and Child (Pediatric) CPR Certified?

Virtually all states have requirements regarding infant and child (pediatric) CPR certification for caregivers. Make sure you follow your state’s specific regulations. CDA candidates also need a current CPR and first-aid certificate to obtain or renew their credential. So, how do I become infant and child (Pediatric) CPR certified? You will need hands-on training toContinue reading “How do I become Infant and Child (Pediatric) CPR Certified?”

Is time-out an appropriate discipline technique?

Many adults see time-out as a valuable non-violent method of disciplining misbehaving children. Although this is a common view, it is a misguided one. Time-out can foster hostility, resentment, and even defiance in a child. Children’s behavior that adults consider “bad” is really evidence of some problem the child is experiencing. Instead of banishing theContinue reading “Is time-out an appropriate discipline technique?”