How can I take Care Courses other than online?

Sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time may not be possible for you – between your daycare duties, your family and your personal needs, free time is scarce. Not to mention how tired you may feel at the end of the day! So the thought of staring into aContinue reading “How can I take Care Courses other than online?”

Healthy Fall Snacks for Kids

If you’re looking for kid-friendly, healthy snacks for fall, look no further! Care Courses has tested out three fun and easy recipes that are sure to be a hit with the children in your care! Party Pumpkins Serves one You will need: 1 clementine 1 celery stick What to do: 1. Peel the clementine 2. Cut the celeryContinue reading “Healthy Fall Snacks for Kids”

Wisconsin Child Care Training Information

Hello Wisconsin Child Care Providers! Searching for continuing education training? Want to work at your own pace? Care Courses online and book self-instruction courses allow you to study when and where you wish! Visit our website to learn how Care Courses work. All Care Courses are accepted by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services towardsContinue reading “Wisconsin Child Care Training Information”

How can I help children treat each other fairly?

Children are always learning and observing from the world around them. This includes everything from the way you react to their mistakes to stereotypes in our society. It is your role as a childcare provider to notice children’s stereotypical attitudes, the stereotypical comments they make, and their actions that stem from these attitudes. By helpingContinue reading “How can I help children treat each other fairly?”