Are you work­ing on a Care Course right now? Are you search­ing for Care Cours­es quiz answers? 

Well, look no fur­ther, because this blog is going to show you exact­ly where to find the answers to all of the Care Cours­es quizzes. “Real­ly?” Yes! Absolute­ly! “Well, where can I find the Care Cours­es quiz answers?” I’m going to tell you! 

Your quiz answers are locat­ed in the course material!

This blog won’t tell you that the answer to the ques­tion you’re stuck on is “A.” It won’t explain that you should choose Roman numer­als “I, II and IV” and that the answer is “D.” It won’t sug­gest you go look up answers on Wikipedia! 

What will this blog do?

This blog will give you the secret to find­ing answers to any Care Course you decide to study. We promise, after read­ing your course’s lessons a few more times and imple­ment­ing the tips we’ve pro­vid­ed here, the answers are going to be jump­ing off the page. One of the biggest myths about dis­tance learn­ing is that tak­ing cours­es by mail or online doesn’t take any effort. This just isn’t true. It takes time and com­mit­ment, ded­i­ca­tion, and plan­ning. You’re spend­ing mon­ey on train­ing! The things you learn will make your work days more inter­est­ing and fulfilling! 

As a Care Cours­es staff mem­ber I want to help you take charge of your pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment and sup­port you in becom­ing a more informed and even more won­der­ful child care provider than you already are. Here’s our super duper list of tips to help guide you through com­plet­ing your Care Course.

Super duper list:

  1. Pay atten­tion! When you’re work­ing on your course are you devot­ing all of your atten­tion to the lessons? We want to make sure you are absorb­ing the mate­r­i­al so that you find the answers. They are there, but if you’re dis­tract­ed you won’t see them!
  2. Take notes! This is impor­tant both for stu­dents work­ing on Course­Books and those who are work­ing on online cours­es. We’re seri­ous about this! Tak­ing notes by hand can increase com­pre­hen­sion. While you’re read­ing, keep a notepad or sheet of paper in front of you. Keep two if that will help. If you are work­ing on a Course­Book take notes direct­ly on the course pages. High­light things that you think are impor­tant to remem­ber. Use sticky notes to remind you of pages that you’d like to refer back to. If you are work­ing on an online Care Course, print out the course PDF file and take notes direct­ly on the page. (The PDF of your online course can be found using the “Doc­u­ments” but­ton inside your course.)
  3. Take your time! Even if you have a fast-approach­ing dead­line it is very impor­tant that you read the course mate­r­i­al care­ful­ly. Remem­ber, the num­ber of clock hours a course is worth is deter­mined by how long it takes the aver­age stu­dent to read every les­son and answer the quiz ques­tions suc­cess­ful­ly. You have two oppor­tu­ni­ties to sub­mit your quizzes for grad­ing and there are no time lim­its. You have as long as you need to com­plete the course.
  4. Reread and then reread again! Don’t for­get, your quizzes are open note and open book. You may return to the course con­tent to read and study and search for the answers.
  5. Let us know how we can sup­port you! When you want to dis­cuss the course mate­r­i­al just con­tact us.  Our head train­ers want to help you get the most out of your pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment. Of course, we can’t tell you if your answers are cor­rect, but we can dis­cuss the con­tent and help you under­stand it.

Care Courses Support

How can you con­tact us after hours? Email us at or call and leave us a voice­mail: 1–800-685‑7610. We answer emails as soon as we pos­si­bly can and we check our mes­sages and return phone calls as soon as our offices are open (9–5pm ET, M‑F). You can also send us your ques­tions using the “Con­tact My Train­er” but­ton inside your course.

The most important thing!

The most impor­tant thing to remem­ber is that the answers are in the course mate­r­i­al. We want you to feel con­fi­dent about your answers. If you are not con­fi­dent, con­tact us before sub­mit­ting your work. 

We want to help you suc­cess­ful­ly com­plete your train­ing! Click here to log into your Care Cours­es’ account. Hap­py Studying! 

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