Are Care Courses accepted for in-service professional development training?

You may be wondering if Care Courses are accepted for your state training? That depends on the state where you work! Each state has different rules and regulations concerning childcare training, so it’s a good idea to do a little research before you start your training. There are two ways we can help you findContinue reading “Are Care Courses accepted for in-service professional development training?”

Care Courses Quiz Answers

Are you working on a Care Course right now? Are you searching for Care Courses quiz answers? Well look no further, because this blog is going to show you exactly where to find the answers to all of the Care Courses quizzes. “Really?” Yes! Absolutely! “Well, where can I find the Care Courses quiz answers?”Continue reading “Care Courses Quiz Answers”

What Courses Can I Take For Child Care?

Our training coaches are often asked this question, and the answer can be as varied and unique as the child care providers who ask it. We require two very important pieces of information to assist you with course selection: 1. What state are you living in? 2. Are you currently a licensed child care provider?Continue reading “What Courses Can I Take For Child Care?”

How Do I Open a Daycare in My Home?

At Care Courses, we receive a wide variety of phone calls each day. One of the most frequent questions is “How do I open up my own daycare?” or “How can I start my own home childcare?”  The answer to these questions varies by state and/or province. Since we want to be sure you haveContinue reading “How Do I Open a Daycare in My Home?”

What are the Advantages of Distance Learning Courses for Child Care Providers?

Distance learning is a great way to get the training you need without giving up your weekends or evenings to travel to classes. With distance learning from Care Courses you study when, where, and how it’s most convenient for you! When can you study a Care Course? Anytime that’s convenient for you. You can save yourContinue reading “What are the Advantages of Distance Learning Courses for Child Care Providers?”

How do I help abused and neglected children?

Many caregivers wonder how to support abused and neglected children. Here at Care Courses we offer two child care training courses that help early childhood professionals identify and support abused and neglected children. Today I’m going to focus on a few ideas from one of these courses, Abuse and Neglect: A Caregivers Guide to Child Abuse.Continue reading “How do I help abused and neglected children?”

How can I protect children from the sun?

Caregivers often wonder what the proper procedure is for keeping the children they care for protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  At Care Courses, our course Sun Safety tells you what you need to know. All children need protection from the sun and this blog will give you some helpful tips and information to keep children safeContinue reading “How can I protect children from the sun?”

How do Preschoolers Make Friends?

The social development of preschoolers is very important to parents and child care providers alike.  Caretakers want to make sure that their preschoolers develop socially and emotionally, learn to cooperate with adults and children, and make friends. Fostering pro-social behavior in preschool is a key component to helping children become socially competent. In our CareContinue reading “How do Preschoolers Make Friends?”

Fun Activities for Toddlers

When caring for toddlers, many wonder what types of activities are not only appropriate but engaging for the children in their care. At Care Courses we have many courses specifically about caring for toddlers and the various activities to cater to their specific developmental needs. Today we are going to focus on some ideas fromContinue reading “Fun Activities for Toddlers”

Tips for Improved Hand Washing

Everyone needs to wash their hands, especially caregivers who come in contact with children and the children themselves. Since we cannot avoid exposure to germs, we must do our best to prevent spreading diseases by washing our hands often and correctly. Our Care Course Sanitation for Disease Prevention in Early Childhood Programs is written for all typesContinue reading “Tips for Improved Hand Washing”