COVID Safe Activities for Children

What are some safe, COVID friendly activities for young children to do during COVID-19? We understand that many activities that were perfectly safe during pre-pandemic times now pose a problem for childcare providers. Thankfully, some of the early childhood professionals who take our courses have thought up new, engaging ways to entertain their children with COVID-safe activities. Try out these inventive activities at your childcare facility, and tell us what you think!

Doll Bathing Activity for Kids

This is a wonderful indoor activity for one-year olds. All you need is dolls and baby wipes! Children can undress the dolls and then use the wipes to bathe them. Not only do kids enjoy undressing and wiping down the dolls, but this gives them the opportunity to learn about the responsibility of taking care of someone.

Growing Chia Pets Activity for Kids

COVID has meant staying inside for a lot of childcare programs. To break up the monotony of being inside all the time, kids can grow chia pets! This way, there is something exciting to look forward to when they arrive at the childcare facility each day. This activity is great for all ages—in the past, children ranging from 18 months to 5 years have participated in this activity. Set up the chia pets along the window ledge. Assign a chia pet for each child to look after. Each day, kids can check up on their pets and water them. Make a graph for kids to keep track of their chia pet’s progress throughout the week. At the end of the week, kids can give their pets “haircuts.”

Noodle Tag Activity for Kids

Are you scratching your head over how to keep outdoor games socially distanced? Noodle tag is the perfect solution! For this game, what you need is one pool noodle per child. The game works like a normal game of tag, except the noodles let players “tag” each other without touching anyone. Noodle tag is appropriate for kids who are 3 years and up. However, younger kids may be at a disadvantage if there are kids who are 7 years and up also playing. The game can run for about 30 minutes. Watch out for any kids who get carried away with tagging. Pool noodles can easily become weapons. Kids greatly enjoy the physicality of the game. The activity allows them to safely play outside with their friends after staying inside for so long.

Do you have your own ideas of COVID-appropriate, fun activities for young children? Leave them in the comment section below!

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