Care­givers often won­der what the prop­er pro­ce­dure is for keep­ing chil­dren pro­tect­ed from the sun’s harm­ful rays.  At Care Cours­es, our course Sun Safe­ty tells you what you need to know about how you can pro­tect your chil­dren form the sun.

All chil­dren need pro­tec­tion from the sun and this blog will give you some help­ful tips and infor­ma­tion to keep chil­dren safe while play­ing out­doors. The infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed comes direct­ly from the course itself!

Although not all chil­dren burn eas­i­ly when exposed to the sun, peo­ple of all skin types can devel­op many dif­fer­ent mal­adies from too much unpro­tect­ed expo­sure to the sun’s rays.

By fol­low­ing a few sim­ple guide­lines to pro­tect our­selves from harm­ful UV rays, both chil­dren and adults can safe­ly enjoy out­door activities.

Guidelines for protecting children from the sun:

  • Sched­ul­ing out­door activ­i­ties to avoid the time of the day when the sun’s UV rays are most intense.
  • Mak­ing sure chil­dren are well hydrat­ed before engag­ing in out­door phys­i­cal activ­i­ty in warm weather.
  • Mak­ing sure that chil­dren wear pro­tec­tive cloth­ing, hats, and sun­glass­es when play­ing in the sun.
  • Using sun­screen as part of your sun-pro­tec­tion plan.
  • Stay­ing in the shade when­ev­er possible.
  • Avoid­ing reflec­tive surfaces.

Fol­low­ing these sug­ges­tions will help make sure that the chil­dren in your care stay safe and avoid the harm­ful impacts of too much sun exposure. 

While sun­light ben­e­fits us phys­i­cal­ly, behav­ioral­ly, and emo­tion­al­ly, it can also be dan­ger­ous. Pro­tect­ing chil­dren from the sun’s UV radi­a­tion, and teach­ing them life-long sun-safe habits, will allow them to safe­ly take advan­tage of every­thing the out­doors has to offer. Read more about this sub­ject in our blog on the Top Five Mis­con­cep­tions about Sun-Safe­ty.

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