How can I take Care Courses other than online?

Is sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time may not be possible for you – between your daycare duties, your family and your personal needs, free time is scarce? Not to mention how tired you may feel at the end of the day! So the thought of staring into a computer screen may scare you away from taking a distance learning course.

But there’s no need to worry – Care Courses has another option for you! Many students ask us, how can I take Care Courses other than online? Well! We offer all of our courses in CourseBook format in addition to our Online Courses to meet your needs.

Care Courses CourseBooks

These CourseBooks:

  • are about the size of a magazine so they can be easily taken with you on the go
  • have a good size font so they won’t cause strain on your eyes,
  • are yours to keep. After completion of the course you can start your own reference library! Simply mail the Answer Sheet* that is located in the back of the book and keep the rest of the book as a reference tool in your personal library collection for future use,
  • and can be ordered over the phone or through the mail so you never need touch a computer if you don’t want to!

We’ll talk more about the comparison of CourseBooks vs. Online Courses in future posts on this blog.

To order a CourseBook or learn more, call us at 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings and weekends: We’re happy to help! Check out our current course listing on our website.

*CourseBooks also have online quizzing if you want to do your quizzes online. Mailing your work to us will take a little bit longer. We highly recommend submitting your answers online for faster grading and access to your Care Courses certificates. Looking for your course enrollment code? Check out our blog on where you can find your Care Courses enrollment code!

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