Stress is a part of everyone’s lives. The caus­es of stress are many—ranging from small, every­day occur­rences to large, life-chang­ing events. We often think of stress­ful events as neg­a­tive, but even joy­ful events can pro­duce stress. So, how do child care providers deal with stress?

In addi­tion to stress­es that are part of every­day life, you have many oppor­tu­ni­ties to encounter stress­ful sit­u­a­tions in the course of a typ­i­cal work­day. Inter­act­ing with chil­dren, main­tain­ing rela­tion­ships with their par­ents, and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your super­vi­sor or cowork­ers can all lead to stress.

In our Care Course The Ear­ly Child­hood Pro­fes­sion­al, we include a stress test so you can cal­cu­late how more than 40 stress-caus­ing events may be affect­ing your stress lev­el. From per­son­al ill­ness, to dif­fi­cul­ties at work, to just mak­ing it through the hol­i­days, you’ll learn how much stress you have in your life.

Total­ly avoid­ing life’s many stres­sors is impos­si­ble, but you can focus on how to cope bet­ter when you are feel­ing stressed. The Ear­ly Child­hood Pro­fes­sion­al offers the fol­low­ing recipe for how child care providers can deal with stress:

  • Respond to it. The amount and degree of anx­i­ety expe­ri­enced will depend upon the situation.
  • Pin­point the cause of the stress and the effect the stress has on all concerned.
  • Devel­op solu­tions for resolv­ing the stress­ful situation.
  • Select the best solu­tion to relieve the stress.
  • Car­ry out the cho­sen solu­tion. It may be nec­es­sary to select anoth­er solu­tion if the first is not effective.
  • Mas­ter the stress in a rea­son­able way, which involves tak­ing into account the needs of all concerned.

This course also cov­ers sources, signs, and effects of stress in chil­dren and in fam­i­lies and ways to help them cope. Share below how you, as a child care provider, dealt with stress. 

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