How do I Complete my Training for the CDA?

Are you pursuing your National CDA? Have you already completed a portion of the 120-hour training requirement, but still need more training before you can apply? Look no further because we’re here to help!

“I’ve only done training through Care Courses. Will I be able to use my Care Courses to get my national CDA?  Will I still have to purchase the whole Care Courses CDA training set?  How can I find out what to do?”

Yes, it is very likely that you will be able to use the Care Courses training that you’ve already completed towards your National CDA, which means that you will most likely not need to purchase an entire CDA training set.

Our CDA training sets satisfy the 120 hours you need and together, the courses cover the eight subject areas required by the CDA council. If you have taken courses that aren’t part of our National CDA training sets, we ask that you give us a call and request a training analysis with our Training Coordinator. She will recommend a personalized course selection so that you can complete your CDA training.

“I started my CDA training with another school before I discovered the Care Courses website. May I still complete my CDA with you guys?”

If you are working on the 120 clock hours of training needed to apply for the National CDA and you already have some of the training from a different school, you can still use Care Courses to finish your hours. However, the courses we recommend for you may be different from those included in our CDA Training Sets.

“Well then, what can I do to get started taking Care Courses and completing my CDA training?”

Before ordering additional training, be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Double check with your original training organization to ensure that the CDA council accepts their training.
  2. Find out which of the Council’s eight subject areas your training covers.
  3. Write down the number of hours you completed in each subject area.  
  4. If your original school isn’t able to give you this information, read pages 8 and 9 in the Council’s Competency Standards Book. The information on these pages will help you review your previous training yourself and determine if the training meets the Council’s requirements.

After you get this information from your previous training provider, call us and speak with one of our Training Coaches. We will help you choose which courses will best meet the remaining training requirement for your CDA.  

If you have completed college level courses in early childhood education and/or child development and want to use them towards your CDA, contact your college or university to find out what subject areas your college courses fulfill.

Please let us know how we can assist you further with the CDA process! Call us: 1-800-685-7610, Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET, or email us days, evenings and weekends: We’re here to help!

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