You may be think­ing to your­self, “How do I pay for child­care train­ing?” “I don’t have a cred­it or a deb­it card, or a Pay­Pal account…I guess I can’t order any child­care train­ing cours­es from this school.” Don’t wor­ry – Care Cours­es accepts many forms of pay­ment for your tuition! 

We real­ize that not every­one has a cred­it card, a deb­it card, or time out of your work day to call in and place an order. So, we accept per­son­al checks, busi­ness checks, and mon­ey orders that you can send to us through the mail.

This adds much more flex­i­bil­i­ty to how you can place your order. You do not have to stress to make sure you call our office dur­ing our busi­ness hours.

Sim­ply fill out the order form found in our cat­a­log or print one from our web­site and mail it to us with your payment. 

Inter­est­ed in receiv­ing a cat­a­log? Request a cat­a­log for free! Or, check out our cours­es list­ed sort­ed by hour, top­ic, title, or pub­lish date on our website.

Won­der­ing when you will get your Care Cours­es order? Inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about our ship­ping options? Check out our blog “How long does it take to get my Care Cours­es order?

Please let us know how we can be of any fur­ther assis­tance with your order! Call us: 1–800-685‑7610, Mon­day through Fri­day, 9–5 ET, or email us days, evenings and week­ends: We’re here to help!

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