If you need a fun and engag­ing activ­i­ty to do with the group of chil­dren in your care, check out our stu­den­t’s vari­a­tions on the “if you’re hap­py and you know it” song! 

I love to do ‘If You’re Hap­py and You Know It.’  This works great inside and out­doors.  Keep in mind though that the dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties you do with the song might be dif­fer­ent if indoors.  I nor­mal­ly do this with the 1 year olds, but you could do it with the old­er kids as well.  Sim­ply give them an instruc­tion like ‘If you’re hap­py and you know it touch your head.’  If you’re out­doors change it to some­thing more phys­i­cal like ‘If you’re hap­py and you know it, run.’

If you try this activ­i­ty with the chil­dren in your care, share your expe­ri­ence in the com­ments sec­tion! Look­ing for more activ­i­ties? Check out our oth­er blogs on activ­i­ties to do with chil­dren or one of our ear­ly child­hood train­ing cours­es.

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