Are you look­ing for fun indoor activ­i­ties for kids and young chil­dren in child care or at home? We know that care­givers are always look­ing for new activ­i­ties that will spark chil­dren’s imag­i­na­tion. Try out some of the below art activ­i­ties and phys­i­cal activ­i­ties for kids, and let us know how they go!

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Box Art Activity for Kids

Fun activ­i­ties for kids!

Do you have left­over card­board box­es? Our first indoor activ­i­ty for kids will help you use up those old card­board box­es you have lying around. Card­board box­es of all sizes can be a source of end­less fun for young chil­dren. Chil­dren can stack box­es up in any way they desire! One idea for cre­at­ing box art is for every­one to make “box peo­ple.” Let the chil­dren decide how they will cre­ate their “box peo­ple.” After they have cre­at­ed the shapes of peo­ple out of the box­es, help the chil­dren tape the box­es togeth­er so they do not fall apart. The chil­dren can then paint fea­tures and clothes on their box peo­ple using their imag­i­na­tion. Big­ger box­es can rep­re­sent hous­es, or they can serve as mul­ti­ple-sided easels. Small groups of chil­dren can work togeth­er and paint dif­fer­ent sides of the same box.

Tissue Paper Extravaganza Activity for Kids 

Our sec­ond indoor activ­i­ty for kids is a blast. Pro­vide tis­sue paper of dif­fer­ent col­ors to the chil­dren in your care. Invite the chil­dren to tear the paper up or cut it in small pieces to use for their art­work. Many chil­dren will enjoy an adult’s per­mis­sion to tear up paper (and make a small mess)! Pro­vide train­ing and safe­ty scis­sors for chil­dren who pre­fer to prac­tice their cut­ting skills. The chil­dren can then squeeze school glue on a piece of card­board (assist as need­ed) and sprin­kle their tis­sue paper cutouts on the glued sur­face. After the glue has dried, their cre­ations can be post­ed around the room as indi­vid­ual dis­plays or con­nect­ed togeth­er in a whole-group display.

Instant Indoor Gym Activity for Kids

A roll of mask­ing tape is all you need to get the chil­dren mov­ing indoors! Tape a long line on the car­pet and invite the chil­dren to prac­tice their bal­anc­ing skills by walk­ing on the line. Tape a cir­cle for the chil­dren to jump in and out of.  Place a bas­ket or open box in the mid­dle of the cir­cle for them to try and throw a ball in. Use the tape to cre­ate num­bers or let­ters with the tape and attach them to the car­pet in sequence for the chil­dren to step in and hop from one to the next. 

Traffic Light Game for Kids

This group game helps kids learn about traf­fic lights. First, cut out three big cir­cles of paper: one red, one green, and one yel­low. Choose one child to be the traf­fic light. This child can decide which col­or to hold up, and the rest of the group has to move accord­ing to the col­or. Move fast on green, move slow­ly on yel­low, and stop on red. Let the chil­dren take turns being the traf­fic light and let them decide how to move. This one can be an indoor activ­i­ty for kids or an out­door activ­i­ty for kids!

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