Indoor Activities For Kids

Are you looking for fun indoor activities for kids and young children in child care or at home? We know that caregivers are always looking for new activities that will spark children’s imagination. Try out some of the below art activities and physical activities for kids, and let us know how they go!

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Box Art Activity for Kids

Fun activities for kids!

Do you have leftover cardboard boxes? Our first indoor activity for kids will help you use up those old cardboard boxes you have lying around. Cardboard boxes of all sizes can be a source of endless fun for young children. Children can stack boxes up in any way they desire! One idea for creating box art is for everyone to make “box people.” Let the children decide how they will create their “box people.” After they have created the shapes of people out of the boxes, help the children tape the boxes together so they do not fall apart. The children can then paint features and clothes on their box people using their imagination. Bigger boxes can represent houses, or they can serve as multiple-sided easels. Small groups of children can work together and paint different sides of the same box.

Tissue Paper Extravaganza Activity for Kids

Our second indoor activity for kids is a blast. Provide tissue paper of different colors to the children in your care. Invite the children to tear the paper up or cut it in small pieces to use for their artwork. Many children will enjoy an adult’s permission to tear up paper (and make a small mess)! Provide training and safety scissors for children who prefer to practice their cutting skills. The children can then squeeze school glue on a piece of cardboard (assist as needed) and sprinkle their tissue paper cutouts on the glued surface. After the glue has dried, their creations can be posted around the room as individual displays or connected together in a whole-group display.

Instant Indoor Gym Activity for Kids

Indoor activities for kids

A roll of masking tape is all you need to get the children moving indoors! Tape a long line on the carpet and invite the children to practice their balancing skills by walking on the line. Tape a circle for the children to jump in and out of.  Place a basket or open box in the middle of the circle for them to try and throw a ball in. Use the tape to create numbers or letters with the tape and attach them to the carpet in sequence for the children to step in and hop from one to the next.

Traffic Light Game for Kids

This group game helps kids learn about traffic lights. First, cut out three big circles of paper: one red, one green, and one yellow. Choose one child to be the traffic light. This child can decide which color to hold up, and the rest of the group has to move according to the color. Move fast on green, move slowly on yellow, and stop on red. Let the children take turns being the traffic light and let them decide how to move. This one can be an indoor activity for kids or an outdoor activity for kids!

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Want to share some of your own children’s games and activities? Post your own ideas for indoor activities for kids in the comment section below!

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