Is there a time limit for the CDA?

If you are using Care Courses to complete the 120 hours of training for your National CDA, you have as long as you need to complete your coursework.   

Let Care Courses Help You Earn Your National CDA!

The CDA process typically takes six to eight months on average to complete, but every candidate is different.  The CDA Council does not recognize an individual as a Candidate for the Credential until that person has submitted their application and assessment fee so you have as long as you need to prepare the components necessary to be able to submit an application.  If your current employer has a time frame that they’d like you to adhere to, then you need to make sure you have ample time to meet their deadlines. 

The only time limit that the CDA Council has when obtaining the CDA is the one for scheduling your Verification Visit and CDA Exam.  You have a six-month window after receiving the “Ready to Schedule” notice to take your CDA Exam and have your Verification Visit.  

Once you’ve earned your CDA you must renew it every three years. 

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