How to Have a Successful Circle Time

Gath­er round! It’s cir­cle time! Cir­cle time is a rit­u­al that ear­ly child­hood pro­grams often use for set­ting up the begin­ning of the day and mark­ing the end of the day. So, how do you plan a suc­cess­ful cir­cle time?

Achoo! What to Do About Environmental Allergies in Child Care

Dust mites, pet and ani­mal dan­der, pollen, and insect stings are all envi­ron­men­tal aller­gens that fre­quent ear­ly child­hood pro­grams. So, how can we reduce children’s expo­sure to envi­ron­men­tal aller­gies in child care? 

How to Store and Handle Breast Milk at an Early Childhood Program

After hav­ing a baby, fam­i­lies make the impor­tant deci­sion of whether to feed their child with for­mu­la or by breast­feed­ing. Design­ing your…

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