Dis­tance learn­ing is a great way to get the train­ing you need with­out giv­ing up your week­ends or evenings to trav­el to class­es. With dis­tance learn­ing from Care Cours­es you study when, where, and how it’s most con­ve­nient for you! So, let’s go over the advan­tages of Care Cours­es’ dis­tance learn­ing cours­es for child care providers:

When can you study a Care Course?

Any­time that’s con­ve­nient for you. In fact, you can save your work at any point and return to it lat­er. You com­plete Care Cours­es train­ing at your own pace. 

Where can you study a Care Course?

Any­where that’s con­ve­nient for you. Cours­es are offered in either a book or online for­mat. Our book for­mat includes an option­al online com­po­nent and our online cours­es have an option­al print­able PDF file that you can read away from your computer. 

So, you can com­plete the course on any com­put­er or car­ry the book with you anywhere—home, work or on the go.

How much does a Care Course cost? 

Care Cours­es are afford­able, rang­ing from $18 for a 2‑hour course to $60 for a 20-hour course. Vis­it our web­page for more com­plete pric­ing: www.CareCourses.com

More advan­tages to using Care Cours­es to meet your pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment requirements:

  • Excel­lent, help­ful, and rel­e­vant con­tent that you can start apply­ing to your work immediately.
  • Unlim­it­ed help via phone and email from our friend­ly, help­ful staff of stu­dent sup­port spe­cial­ists and ear­ly child­hood edu­ca­tion train­ers. Whether you have a ques­tion about course con­tent or about how Care Cours­es can meet your train­ing needs, we can help.
  • All quizzes are open book and open notes.
  • Course mate­ri­als are yours to keep and use as a valu­able pro­fes­sion­al reference.

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These are just a few of the ben­e­fits to dis­tance learn­ing through Care Cours­es. For more infor­ma­tion about our cours­es or to take a free one-hour course, Play­ing Out­doorsvis­it our web­site or call us: 1–800-685‑7610, Mon­day through Fri­day, 9–5 ET, or email us days, evenings, and week­ends: info@CareCourses.com.  We’re here to help!

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