When is a child ready to learn how to use the potty?

Toilet learning is an important milestone in a child’s life, but a child’s transition out of diapers can be a stressful time for parents and childcare providers. And if handled improperly, this transition period can be damaging to the child.

As childcare providers, it’s important to work with parents to provide a supportive environment in which the child feels comfortable and confident.

To help you understand how to foster that environment, Care Courses offers the course, Toilet Learning. The course discusses when toilet learning should begin, how to prepare the child for potty training, effective techniques, and tips for collaborating with parents.

Perhaps the most important step in the toilet learning process is determining if the child is ready to begin. If you start too soon the child may not fully grasp the concepts being presented to him or her and it may make for a more stressful process for both childcare providers, parents, and the child.

Toilet learning should begin when the child

  • Can control bladder and bowel muscles
  • Can recognize the need to urinate or defecate
  • Shows an interest in being dry
  • Knows how to manage his or her own clothing in order to sit on the toilet
  • Shows an interest in using a potty seat or toilet and is willing to begin toilet learning
  • Can give a signal to the caregiver or walk to the bathroom unassisted
  • Can sit on a low potty chair or climb a step-stool to a potty seat attached to an adult toilet unassisted

The most important indication that a child is ready to begin toilet learning is the desire to want to learn to use the toilet. If the desire isn’t present, then it is not time to begin because a child should never be pressured, urged, coaxed or bribed to use the toilet.

Once you have determined that a child is ready for potty training, that’s when the real work begins! To learn techniques and tips for creating a smooth transition from diaper to toilet, be sure to check out Toilet Learning on our website.

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