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We’re proud to call thou­sands of child­care providers in the Lone Star State our stu­dents here at Care Cours­es. Our train­ing school was found­ed in Austin in 1990, and we still design cours­es specif­i­cal­ly for Texas child­care train­ing requirements! 

So whether you’re already using our cours­es for your train­ing needs or a new­com­er to us, take a minute to see every­thing Care Cours­es has to offer ear­ly child­hood edu­ca­tors in Texas.

For Childcare Providers

Use Care Cours­es toward both your annu­al train­ing and oth­er Texas require­ments. The Texas Depart­ment of Fam­i­ly and Pro­tec­tive Ser­vices (TDFPS) accepts all Care Cours­es in accor­dance with their con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion require­ment for all child­care providers.

When it comes to annu­al train­ing, keep in mind that you can use Care Cours­es for some (but not all) of your annu­al hours. Texas does not allow more than 80% of the required annu­al train­ing hours to come from self-instruc­tion­al train­ing. Thus, child­care cen­ter care­givers can use Care Cours­es for up to 19 hours annu­al­ly and child­care cen­ter direc­tors for up to 24 hours annu­al­ly. In addi­tion, clock hours may not be car­ried over to the next year.

So, here are a few Texas child­care train­ing require­ments you can meet using Care Courses.

  • Ful­fill the SIDs, Shak­en Baby and Ear­ly Brain Devel­op­ment require­ments with our 3‑hour course Keep­ing Infants Safe.
  • Use our 2‑hour course Trans­porta­tion Safe­ty for the trans­porta­tion safe­ty require­ment for all providers who trans­port chil­dren under the age of nine.

Folks who are just com­ing into the ear­ly edu­ca­tion field can use Care Cours­es for the 24-hour Texas Pre-ser­vice train­ing require­ment. We offer a four-course train­ing bun­dle to cov­er this pre­ser­vice require­ment. One of the cours­es, Great Begin­nings, must be com­plet­ed before you can begin work­ing. The oth­er three cours­es in the bun­dle, Block PlayMusic and Move­ment, and Prin­ci­ples of Child Devel­op­ment and Learn­ing can be fin­ished with­in the first 90 days of work.

TECPDS Registry Training

All Care Cours­es are approved by the Texas Ear­ly Child­hood Pro­fes­sion­al Devel­op­ment Sys­tem (TECPDS) reg­istry. Our train­er’s Texas work­force reg­istry num­ber is 94618.

CDA Credential Training

Use Care Cours­es to obtain a CDA or renew a CDA! Care Cours­es CDA train­ing is avail­able for three CDA settings:

Read our blog, “How Do I get a CDA?” to learn more about the CDA credential!

For Center Directors

Stu­dents who will be a direc­tor of a cen­ter with 13 or more chil­dren can use Care Cours­es to obtain the child devel­op­ment train­ing need­ed toward a child­care cen­ter director’s certificate. 

As long as you have at least three years of expe­ri­ence in a licensed child care cen­ter, you can use Care Cours­es to cov­er your child devel­op­ment train­ing require­ment. Just choose our child devel­op­ment train­ing bun­dle, which cov­ers 150 hours of child devel­op­ment training.

For Teachers of School-Age Children

You can also use Care Cours­es for Con­tin­u­ing Pro­fes­sion­al Edu­ca­tion (CPEs) for the Texas Edu­ca­tion Agency. This means that if you’re a class­room teacher, you can use this towards the 150 hours that you need for renew­al. If you hold a pro­fes­sion­al cer­tifi­cate you can use our train­ing for the 200 hours you need for renew­al. Click here to get your CPE hours!

Addi­tion­al­ly, you can use Care Cours­es to com­plete the 120 hours of for­mal child care train­ing need­ed to obtain your CDA cre­den­tial! Read our blog, “The 5 Rea­sons You Should Get a CDA”, and take a look at our Texas CDA page to learn how a CDA can help you specif­i­cal­ly in Texas.

So as you can see, Care Cours­es doesn’t mess around when it comes to Texas!

Care Courses Support

Please let us know how we can be of addi­tion­al assis­tance! Call us: 1–800-685‑7610, Mon­day through Fri­day, 9–5 ET, or email us days, evenings and week­ends: info@CareCourses.com. We’re here to help!

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  1. sandra gayle epps Avatar
    sandra gayle epps

    what units do i need to take for my cda in infants and tod­dlers . i have tak­en 3 and 4

    1. Dear San­dra,

      Thank you for your com­ment! Get­ting your CDA is a reward­ing expe­ri­ence that takes time and deter­mi­na­tion. To under­stand the CDA and pre­pare for it, we rec­om­mend the following.

      1. As a first step, we encour­age you to read the infor­ma­tion on this web­page, as it will help you under­stand how to pre­pare for your CDA: https://www.carecourses.com/PublicPages/CDA_Welcome.aspx
      2. Next, we rec­om­mend that you take our free online tuto­r­i­al that gives a detailed step-by-step expla­na­tion of the CDA and the CDA process. Sign up for it here: https://www.carecourses.com/Ecommerce/CourseDetail.aspx?ItemID=294
      The web­page and the free online tuto­r­i­al linked above will famil­iar­ize you with the require­ments for a CDA, and help pre­pare you for the process.
      3. Once you have read the web­page and com­plet­ed the tuto­r­i­al, review the CDA train­ing you must com­plete for your set­ting. Click on the set­ting and read about the spe­cif­ic train­ing cours­es you’ll need for the for­mal train­ing require­ment: https://www.carecourses.com/PublicPages/CDATraining.aspx
      We offer our train­ing cours­es in dis­count­ed pack­ages as well as in a pay­ment plan spread out over time.
      4. Once you have decid­ed to pur­sue your CDA, fol­low the steps out­lined in the free tuto­r­i­al and order your training.
      Please email us at info@carecourses.com or call us at 1–800-685‑7610 to let us know how we can be of addi­tion­al assis­tance. We are here to help make this expe­ri­ence pleas­ant and rewarding!


      Care Cours­es CDA Sup­port Team

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