Did you just order a CDA train­ing course from Care Cours­es? Or maybe you ordered DCF train­ing or are try­ing to fin­ish your annu­al child care train­ing hours. No mat­ter what you need to use our cours­es for, you will need your Care Cours­es enroll­ment code. But what is it, and where do you get it? 

Your enroll­ment code is a unique code that you receive after you place your order. Your enroll­ment code is need­ed to acti­vate your course in your online account. 

Enroll­ment codes are emailed for online cours­es and are includ­ed on a paper insert in the back cov­er of CourseBooks. 

Online Courses

Once you have placed your order, you will receive two emails. The first email is your receipt, and the sec­ond is your enroll­ment code. In the enroll­ment code email, you will find the online course enroll­ment code, the course title, the expi­ra­tion date, and instruc­tions on how to acti­vate and begin your course. 

If you do not receive your receipt and/or enroll­ment code with­in 15 min­utes, check your email’s junk fold­er. Some­times the emails are acci­den­tal­ly flagged as junk! If you still do not have the emails, you can resend the code to your­self through your Care Cours­es account. Sim­ply log into your account at www.CareCourses.com, go to the “My Orders” sec­tion of your account, locate the order, and select “Email Codes” and/or “Email Receipt”. This will send the enroll­ment code and/or receipt to the email address in your account. 


Once you have placed an order for a Course­Book, you will receive your receipt via email. If you do not receive your receipt with­in 15 min­utes, go to the “My Orders” sec­tion of your account, locate the order, and select “Email Receipt.” 

You will receive your enroll­ment code when you receive your Course­Book. It will be inside the back cov­er of your CourseBook.

Once you have your enroll­ment code, acti­vate it with­in your online account. Log into your Care Cours­es account, go to the “My Cours­es” sec­tion, type your enroll­ment code into the enroll­ment code area, and select “click to activate.” 

Once you acti­vate your enroll­ment code, the course title will appear below the instruc­tions in blue font. Click on your course title to start watch­ing videos, tak­ing assess­ments, and access­ing the oth­er online components! 

Purchasing Care Courses for Staff

But, how do you pur­chase Care Cours­es for your staff? We often get ques­tions about how direc­tors can pur­chase cours­es for their teach­ers and employ­ees to take. 

We rec­om­mend pur­chas­ing the cours­es in your per­son­al account so that you, the direc­tor or admin­is­tra­tor, have the receipts and can resend the online course enroll­ment codes if they are lost. Then, you can hand out the enroll­ment codes (or for­ward the enroll­ment code emails) to your staff. If you pur­chase Course­Books, you can hand out the Course­Books to your team direct­ly; instruc­tions for sub­mit­ting Course­Books are includ­ed with­in the books them­selves and on the enroll­ment code insert at the back of the course. Once your team mem­bers acti­vate the cours­es in their indi­vid­ual Care Cours­es accounts, they will be able to com­plete their train­ing and receive their certificates. 

Please note that once an enroll­ment code is acti­vat­ed in an account, it can­not be undone. The course now belongs to the account hold­er who acti­vat­ed the enroll­ment code. 

Want to learn more about our course for­mats? Check out our blogs on how our online cours­es work and how our Course­Book cours­es work.

Do you have oth­er ques­tions about your course? Check out our oth­er blogs as well as our Care Cours­es FAQ for more answers, or give us a call. 

Hap­py Studying! 

Care Courses Support

Please let us know how we can be of addi­tion­al assis­tance. Call us: 1–800-685‑7610, Mon­day through Fri­day, 9–5 ET, or email us days, evenings and week­ends: info@CareCourses.com. We’re here to help!

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