Look­ing for fun win­ter crafts for kids? Try this pop­si­cle stick snowflake done by one of our train­ing coach­es when she was in preschool! 

You will need:

Four pop­si­cle sticks for each child in your care
White, blue, or grey paint Glue (both a liq­uid and a clear glue stick)


Days before (or the night before) you plan to make the snowflakes, paint the front of the pop­si­cle sticks whichev­er snowflake col­or you chose. If you have chil­dren in your care who are old enough to han­dle the paint­ing task, then you can save this step for the day you make the snowflakes. 

What to do:

1. Dis­trib­ute pop­si­cle sticks to the children.

2. Instruct each child to put a dot of glue in the cen­ter of one pop­si­cle stick, and place anoth­er on top in a criss-cross shape (like an “x”). Have them hold it there for 15 sec­onds – keep in mind they’re the “One-Alli­ga­tor-Two-Alli­ga­tor-Three-Alli­ga­tor” seconds. 

3. Next, instruct the child to put a dot of glue on the cen­ter of the top pop­si­cle stick. Then, have them place their next pop­si­cle stick in a hor­i­zon­tal line down the cen­ter (like this “l”). Have them hold the stick in place for anoth­er 15 seconds. 

4. Next, have the child place anoth­er glue dot in the cen­ter of the top pop­si­cle stick. The last pop­si­cle stick will go across length­wise (“—“). Have them hold it all togeth­er for anoth­er 15 seconds.

5. Once every­thing is glued, have the chil­dren brush the vis­i­ble sticks with the clear glue stick and while the glue is still wet, sprin­kle the snowflakes with the glitter. 

6. Allow them to dry com­plete­ly and write each child’s name and the year on the back of each snowflake. 

All done! How did this win­ter craft go for the kids in your care? Share below!

Look­ing for more win­ter craft for kids? Take one of our cours­es on play to learn many more craft ideas and activ­i­ties you can do with chil­dren. Look­ing for oth­er ideas to do indoors with chil­dren dur­ing the win­ter? Check out our blog: Indoor Activ­i­ties For Kids.

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